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True Life: I spent the night in the ER in Tokyo, Japan

It is 8:30 PM, our last night in Japan. The air was cool and after a nice stroll we were spending it enjoying eating our hearts out...well, actually, a chicken heart on a stick at this amazing yakitori restaurant down the street from our hotel in the Asakusa neighbourhood. All of the sudden, it felt super smoky in the restaurant. I went outside to get some fresh air. But when I walked back in, I didn’t feel any better, and that’s when my partner noticed the hives all over my face and neck...dun dun dun Anaphylaxis!

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One Day (and Gluten Free) in Tokyo, Japan!

We had the pleasure of being able to hop over to Japan, after our visit to South Korea. I fell in love with Kyoto, and honestly expected to be overwhelmed by Tokyo. Well, it didn’t overwhelm me, but the quaint neighborhoods stole my heart with their intricate personalities, the new mixed with the old, and the spiritual and historical elements. Although it would probably take living there extensively to see and truly experience the city’s highlight and underrated spots, I came up with this easy one-day to-do list. I hope you enjoy the city as much as we did (minus ending up in the ER for anaphylaxis - long story), and I look forward to returning.

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