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This network is comprised of members who run websites, and or blogs that provide helpful resources to the gluten-free, and or autoimmune travel or lifestyle communities. This includes gluten-free and auto-immune friendly articles, guides, products, recipes, reviews, journals, etc. 

Please find all of the members listed below:

Hi, I am Amy of amygfgirl! I am a wife, a Mom of four kids and I have been dedicated to living a 100% gluten free lifestyle since 2009. I am also certified fitness instructor and nutrition certified, both through ACE.

Being gluten free is my life, my health and not just another fad diet to me. Which is exactly why I am doing this, to help others, who like me were sick and stuck and didn’t know where to turn or what to do.

With that being said, I can’t wait to share all that I have been learning throughout the years with you. Through gluten free product knowledge, to the recipes on my site, and tips & tricks about living your healthiest gluten free life.

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Gluten Free by Kathleen is a gluten free blog to motivate healthier cooking. Here you can find flavorful and effortless recipes, simple cooking tips, and gluten free lifestyle hacks. I'm inspired by all types of cuisines and enjoy being a continuous learner of cooking. I hope to boost your excitement in cooking, entertaining, and trying new recipes.

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Lark Ellen Farms

At Lark Ellen Farm we believe in being kind to ourselves and each other, and that good health starts from a healthy state of mind. Being a good person, loving yourself, and sharing with others are the best ways to ensure happiness.

We make grainless goodness, organic, sprouted snacks and cereals that meet the needs of many modern diet; Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto, & Low Carb. Each pouch is handcrafted in Ojai, Ca and includes an inspirational quote on the bottom of each bag.

Enjoying our products will take you back to a time when food was real—when food nourished your body, not harmed it.

Join me on my journey to good health!

Natural Decadence and their brand, Raised Gluten Free, is a women-owned gluten-free bakery dedicated to providing delicious allergen-friendly food, to those who can’t enjoy them in their traditional forms due to food sensitivities or restrictions. Through personal struggles with allergies, Owners Rosa Dixon and Milia Lando have developed methods and practices that ensure high-quality artisan goods and consistent food safety.

Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough offers delicious and nutritious cookie dough that can be enjoyed raw or baked. Offering a healthier twist on traditional cookie dough, Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is gluten-free, vegan, keto and paleo friendly. Made with 4 plant-based superfoods, it suppresses appetite, increases energy, improves heart and immune health and provides rich antioxidants without sacrificing flavor. Available online at CosmicCookieDough.com.

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