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My Favorite Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in North County San Diego

One of the many reasons why I love and appreciate San Diego, other than its constant sunny disposition and slew of things to do, is that it’s a city that really turned the tide and has made tremendous strides in bringing recognition to a growing problem that was going unchecked in the restaurant industry. With healthy, food allergy educated establishments popping up left and right, San Diego has made it incredibly easy for someone living with food allergies to enjoy a meal out free of stress and aggravation. No more negative connotations of that gluten f-word for me!

Below are my top four favorite, gluten-free friendly dining spots in North County San Diego that offer great food, a great atmosphere, and understand the struggles of a food sensitive individual…

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Edible San Diego - San Diego Grown: San Diego Seed Company and the Importance of Sourcing Local Seeds

It is time to take the local conversation beyond farm-to-table and start talking about seed origins.

“We talk about food-to-table, but seed-to-table is just as important,” explains Brijette Romstedt-Peña, founder of the San Diego Seed Company, which is currently the only local seed distributor in San Diego and the only certified organic urban seed producer in the country.

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