A Delicious Review of Gluten-Free Boar’s Head Brand Products

A Delicious Review of Gluten-Free Boar’s Head Brand Products

I tend to avoid any packed deli products, simply because I assume they use fillers and ingredients with unpronounceable names. Well, to my utmost surprise and convenience, I recently discovered that Boar’s Head doesn’t just have a few gluten-free items, but even better, ALL of their products are certified gluten-free! This includes their many types of meat, cheeses, hummus spreads, and condiments. I also love that I can recognize and pronounce every listed ingredient. I decided to try and review a smorgasbord of their products. Here are my thoughts…

Kosher Dill Half-Cut Pickles

Hand packed, cold cured, old fashioned pickles. A satisfying crunch, and full bodied mouth feel. They taste fresh, and not too salty, making a fantastic appetizer or side-dish.

Honey Smoked Turkey Breast

American Heart Association certified premium deli turkey meat, which is a healthy and fulfilling option to add in a sandwich, a la carte, or on top of a salad.  It has a full-flavor, smokey taste, and pairs great with the honey mustard or deli mustard.

Smoked Gouda

A mixture of cheddar cheese and gouda, this cheese has a perfect flavor mix of being both salty, smokey, and smooth. It’s light and melts in your mouth, which fits great on any sandwich, and pairs perfectly with crackers. Can we say, it’s very Goud-a?

Honey Mustard

Mustard made with pure golden honey. Creamy, with a sweet aftertaste. Great on a sandwich, or bun, and pairs well with turkey, chicken, and most of the cheeses. You may find yourself scooping it up plain too!

Roasted Garlic Hummus

Non-GMO and plant based hummus with a creamy taste. Not too salty, and just enough garlic to make a great, healthy dip for chips, or any veggie snack.


I love sauerkraut, so I was excited to try the Boar’s Head version. They use an old German recipe, aging it authentically for a crisp, salty, slightly tart taste. You can add it to any cured meats, like Kielbasa, Frankfurters or Knockwurst. I personally even like it in tacos, or as a side dish. When paired with the Boar’s Head turkey, it brings out the full flavor of both.

Manchego Cheese

This cheese is a product of Spain and delicately aged over 12 months. Mild, and a bit on the sweeter side, it is soft on the tongue and excellent in taste. Great to pair with or without crackers. It is guaranteed to have you saying “Delicioso”!

Delicatessen Style Mustard

Made with white wine and horseradish, this mustard is light and creamy, with just enough spice. Tasty and great for any sandwich. Delicious to also pair with turkey meat, or chips.

Real Mayonnaise

Made with cage free eggs, I was thrilled to be able to make garlic aioli with this. Great on a sandwich, or with any dip.

Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus

I was most excited about this…my sweet tooth never rests! In addition to being gluten-free, it’s also non-GMO verified, plant based, and very yummy. This was lovely to pair with salty chips, and is great on its own of course. It made an amazing last bite for our smorgasbord.

I look forward to eating more of these new-found same foods, and trying more of Boar’s Head products!

Buen Camino, et Bon Appetit!