Crunchmaster Protein Snack Crackers Review

I was excited to try the new Crunchmaster Protein Snack Crackers. Why? I am a Celiac with POTS who needs to regularly eat both healthy and salty protein snacks in order to feel optimal. As someone who is always on the go, I also need an easy go-to snack. These crunchy baked crackers encompass all of that and more. They are certified gluten-free, soy-free, whey-free, vegan, non-GMO, kosher and are packed with 5 grams of vegetable protein and 17 grams of whole grains, with just 1 gram of sugar in every serving. In knowing this, the next question was, ‘what about the taste?’

Crunchmaster Protein Snack crackers are available in Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic, Barbeque and new Toasted Coconut. The sea salt is savory, good on its own and can virtually pair with anything. Barbeque satisfies your need for a kick of flavor. Toasted Coconut tastes like a day at the beach. Last but not least, Roasted Garlic is the perfect savory taste, and officially my favorite of all of the flavors available. I honestly can’t believe I am getting all that nutritional value and flavorful taste in one serving. I can see just why these fit anyone’s personal lifestyle, backpack, beach bag, suitcase, purse, gym bag, or glove compartment. 

Thanks for making me the ideal travel snack, Crunchmaster!