10 Best Gluten-Free / POTS Friendly Travel Snacks

Seldom do I leave the house without having at least a few snacks with me. Celiac Disease, on top of POTS (aka I need a lot of salt to maintain healthy blood pressure), requires salty, nutritious snacks, and quite a bit of fluid to maintain a healthy blood volume. When traveling, a decent portion of space is dedicated to both my carry-on and regular suitcase just for snacks. The carry-on snacks keep me moving, in case there is no food to meet my dietary restrictions in the airport, and/or on the plane. The snacks in my suitcase are useful, especially if I don’t know what the food will be like where I am going. These also serve as a great backup option in case I need to get my calories in or simply have a craving for one of these delicious snacks:

1. Laiki Crackers

I discovered these at a Gluten Free Expo and absolutely love this savory snack. These crackers have only three ingredients (black or red rice, oil, and salt), and are scrumptious. They are easy to pack and take with you anywhere. Do you remember bugles? Yeah, these are like that.


2. NuGo Egg White Protein Bar

If you are looking for a tasty protein bar (especially peanut butter), then you found the right one. They are gluten, dairy and soy-free, and are packed with protein. If soy doesn’t bother you, then their Real Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bars are magnificent. It was through NuGo that I learned that there are no FDA standards for Dark Chocolate, meaning anyone can virtually claim their product is dark chocolate, even if it’s not. NuGo has started a petition to change that. Sign the petition here.


3. Justin’s Peanut or Almond Butter Packets

I love taking these packets with me on-the-go, because they are very small, and squeeze directly into my mouth, providing me with the salt and protein I need. Plus they are available at a lot of grocery stores.


4. Crunchmaster Protein Crackers

I recently wrote a review of these awesome crunch-tastic snacks. They are fantastic because they are light, and the crackers are tasty (especially garlic), salty and packed with protein. Did I mention they are also vegan, soy and dairy-free?


5. Gluten-free condiments

Prior to my recent soy intolerance development (boo), I used to carry gluten-free soy sauce with me everywhere, because, well, food can be bland. I now carry nutritional yeast with me instead, because it adds a cheesy, yummy flavor to anything I eat. I also bring mineral salt with me because I have POTS, and because none of us should be opting for restaurants’ iodized (table) salt.




6. A loaf of Gluten Free Bread

Depending on where I am going, and for how long, I make sure to pack a loaf of gluten-free bread to make nut-butter or other sandwiches. It’s a great and tasty way to get my calories in.


7. Bubba’s Snack Mixes

These are crunchy and tasty, Paleo, and vegan. I love how easy these are to pack along, and are a great addition on top of a salad, or other dishes. They also have Paleo granola mixes, if you have a sweet tooth.


8. Lark Ellen Farm Grain Free Bites

I discovered this Paleo treat in a health food grocery store on a road trip, and they are a perfect organic mix of savory and sweet, made from sprouted nuts and seeds. I’ve since used them in recipe creations, and continue to bring them on trips.


9. Bhuja Snacks

These Australian snacks are tasty, low-fodmap, vegan and have a kick to them. I like that they offer different variations, all having deliciousness in common.


10.Makeshift (Corn and Nut Free) Buttery Popcorn

I created this recipe during a 10-day meditation retreat while craving a salty, savory snack with protein. It literally tastes like buttery popcorn. I told you nutritional yeast was a cool condiment.


Bon Appetit, y Buen Camino!