imaware™ Celiac Disease Test Review

imaware™ Celiac Disease Test Review

I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2012, and since then have been living a strictly gluten-free lifestyle. When I met my partner in 2015, he was immediately on board with my diet. And when we later moved in together, he was also supportive of maintaining a 100% gluten-free kitchen. Years later, we both began to wonder, with his health ailments (bloating, digestive issues, etc.), if he too could be one of the 60% undiagnosed with celiac disease.

We were excited to find out about imaware™, and how easy, convenient and inexpensive ($99) it would be to screen him for celiac disease, before making an appointment with a gastroenterologist. They are able to test for four celiac disease biomarkers (including tTg-IgA aka “the screening gold standard”) by using just a few drops of blood, and without any doctor’s prescription or leaving your home. And unlike many at-home testing companies, they utilize their own lab equipment and dedicated staff at a CLIA certified lab, rather than contracting out the whole process, allowing for quicker turnaround times.

We received the test in the mail fairly quickly, and the instructions were clear, especially the 30-second how-to video. I sat beside him for emotional support, and as head nurse. But, in reality, it’s easily a one-person job. With just a couple of finger pricks via lancet, he was able to produce enough blood to fill the microtube to its allocated line within minutes. And just like that, it was in its envelope bag, ready to be sent out to the imaware™ lab!

In less than five days, we received his physician reviewed results via email. Drum roll… No celiac disease! We were both relieved that celiac disease was ruled out as a culprit, and that we were one step closer to understanding his overall health picture. The results are easy to understand, and it was helpful for him to have on-hand when he visited his primary care physician.

Upon communicating with imaware™, I realized that this test is also great for those with celiac disease who maintain gluten-free diets, as a way to monitor if we are indeed being strict enough in our food choices. Even better? They have also just launched a monitoring-only version of the screening test, which is discounted down to $89 when two or more kits are purchased. Having the ability to monitor the effectiveness of a gluten-free diet is important, especially when recently diagnosed, and/or having persistent health conditions. It’s great to have this clinical support during a major life change.

Thank you for making us more aware, imaware™!