imaware™ At-Home Rheumatoid Arthritis Test Review


I have been diagnosed with, and have been treating my various autoimmune diseases since 2007, when I was first diagnosed with POTS. I wondered and worried about whether I had rheumatoid arthritis (RA) too, as I have experienced some of the symptoms (pain in my joints). In addition, I knew that it affects women three times as much as men, and that there are 1.3M undiagnosed Americans. I figured, if I could detect it early enough, I could also treat it early enough to prevent long-term damage. 

I was excited to test through imaware, because of how seamless, easy, convenient and inexpensive ($99) it would be to screen myself, without making an appointment with my rheumatologist, or going to the lab. They are able to test for three RA biomarkers, including CCP, which can actually detect RA long before symptoms even appear. This test was designed and validated alongside world-class doctors, and imaware™ is partnered with the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation.

By using just a few drops of blood, and without any doctor’s prescription or leaving your home, you are able to get answers fast. And unlike many at-home testing companies, they utilize their own lab equipment and dedicated staff at a CLIA certified lab, rather than contracting out the whole process, allowing for quicker turnaround times.

I received the test in the mail fairly quickly, and the instructions were clear, especially the 30-second how-to video. With just a couple of finger pricks via lancet, I was able to produce enough blood to fill the microtube to its allocated line within minutes. And just like that, it was in its envelope bag, ready to be sent out to the imaware™ lab!

In less than five days, we received my physician reviewed results via email. Drum roll… No rheumatoid arthiritis! Glad to know that it doesn’t need to be added to my never-ending list of diagnoses. It also gives me a clearer picture of my overall health. The results are easy to understand, and you are able to consult with someone in case you have any questions. I look forward to discussing the results with my PCP and rheumatologist at my next appointment.

Thank you for making us more aware of our underlying health and especially for the convenience of at-home testing, imaware!