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Vogmask Review

As someone with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), I’ve developed chemical sensitivity. Basically, if I am around any harsh chemical smells, I tend to react adversely. Reactions vary from migraines, rashes, hives, flushing, asthma, burning mouth syndrome, or feeling faint. This is especially difficult in social situations, or while on public transport. Having to step away from a conversation because I physically can’t handle the amount of perfume or cologne the person is wearing, or, switch hotels numerous times until finding one that doesn’t use deodorizers to ‘mask’ smells and other toxic cleaning solvents is not something I look forward to in my day to day interactions.

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imaware™ At-Home Rheumatoid Arthritis Test Review

I have been diagnosed with, and have been treating my autoimmune diseases since 2007, which is when I was fist diagnosed with POTS. I was later diagnosed with other autoimmune diseases. I had wondered and worried about rheumatoid arthritis (RA), as I have experienced some of the symptoms (pain in my joints). In addition to knowing that it affects women twice as much as men, and that there are 1.3M undiagnosed Americans. I knew that if I am able to detect it early enough, I can also treat it early enough to prevent long-term damage.

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