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imaware™ At-Home Rheumatoid Arthritis Test Review

I have been diagnosed with, and have been treating my autoimmune diseases since 2007, which is when I was fist diagnosed with POTS. I was later diagnosed with other autoimmune diseases. I had wondered and worried about rheumatoid arthritis (RA), as I have experienced some of the symptoms (pain in my joints). In addition to knowing that it affects women twice as much as men, and that there are 1.3M undiagnosed Americans. I knew that if I am able to detect it early enough, I can also treat it early enough to prevent long-term damage.

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imaware™ Celiac Disease Test Review

We were excited to find out about imaware™, and how easy, convenient and inexpensive ($99) it would be to screen him for celiac disease, before making an appointment with a gastroenterologist. They are able to test for four celiac disease biomarkers (including tTg-IgA aka “the screening gold standard”) by using just a few drops of blood, and without any doctor’s prescription or leaving your home. And unlike many at-home testing companies, they utilize their own lab equipment and dedicated staff at a CLIA certified lab, rather than contracting out the whole process, allowing for quicker turnaround times.

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