One Day (and Gluten and Dairy Free!) in Guanajuato, Mexico

We recently went on a trip to Leon, Mexico for my partner’s work. Leon is an industrial city, home of a strong leather industry, and is considered one of Mexico’s most environmentally friendly cities. It’s clean and there is virtually no homelessness, due to the amount of jobs seemingly always available. We were told that you could virtually quit a job in the morning, and get a new one by the afternoon.  Although we had a great time shopping at the local malls, eating home-style Italian food at Peperonata (with amazing gluten free options/highly recommend!), as well as eating worm and ant egg tacos at Restaurante Los Agaves (naturally gluten free, but kind of gross), it is a city built more for your international business man/woman, than tourist.  So, given that we only had one full day to explore central Mexico, we decided to visit the quaint town of Guanajuato, just an hour away from Leon by taxi, which costs around $40 on average.

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