Day Five: Puenta La Reina to Estella aka No mas albergues, por favor

No sleep last night. I mean, maybe 2 hours? Our room smelled of farts and BO. If that didn’t keep you up, it was the immensely loud snoring that ear plugs couldn’t cover. If you ever do the Camino, BRING EAR PLUGS. So two hours of sleep later, and prior to having to walk 15 miles to Estella, our ‘breakfast’ at the albergue was just as good as the sleep. A croissant, orange juice and coffee. I explained that I’m celiac (soy celiaca), and was offered an apple instead of a croissant...errrr. Being gluten free on the Camino is much easier than being vegan, but sometimes it sucks just as much. Especially when it’s too early for any markets to be open.

We were semi-sad to leave Peunta la Reina so early as there was some sort of farmer’s market being set up as we were leaving. At the same time, we were also anxious to move forward. The trail was easier but still had some steep inclines. We met a cool Israeli and a couple of Aussies. My knee isn’t any better, and unfortunately everything is closed on the holy day of Sunday. Hopefully I will be able to purchase a knee brace and some ‘roids for the inflammation tomorrow. We only noticed two fountains on today’s trail.

A festival de las bodegas, a wine festival was being hosted by one of the first pueblos we walked by. It was €5 for a wine glass for all you can drink wine at all of the local wineries being hosted, plus 4 pinxtos to much on. So worth it. Granted, we only went to two bodegas but saved the glass for tomorrow’s wine fountain. The wine here is fantastic. I should mention that I’m stoked to keep running into these random festivals just by chance. We finally ate at an albuergue in Lorca, where the food was blah. But we were desperate for shade and calories. Upon arrival to Estella we found out our hostel was 15 min uphill which was not doable with my knee and my mom’s swollen ankle. So we settled for an Italian restaurant in town, and relaxed before heading up to our B&B Zaldu (€54 with breakfast). The owners were pleasant (even complimented my Castellano) as were the rooms + view. Excited to have clean clothes and some quiet sleep. Anxious about the Catalan vote.