Day 16: Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes aka RIP Taste Buds

Our abergue didn’t have breakfast. The owner says it’s because there aren’t as many pilgrims in the fall, so it’s not worth it for her. It was freezing out .. My phone read 30°. We stopped by a bar for coffee to get out of the cold, and because we needed some caffeine and calories. Today wasn’t too eventful. We stopped about 7 miles into a bar and bought some delicious ham and sheep's cheese (€5) that is from a local farm. The road was extremely rocky and give us both blisters. I know I keep saying this, but I’m over the roads being rocky and/or parallel to freeways. I want dirt, soil, mountainous terrain, not man made foot-killing paths.

Walking into Carrion de los Condes was nice. It seems like such a lovely city… Safe, clean, and pretty, with a beautiful park next to a river. We also noticed there were a bunch of churches and monasteries there. We got one of the last private room as at the Hostal Santiago (€35). It has hands down been one of the cleanest rooms on this journey. We decided to use their washer to wash our clothes for five euros, but they didn’t have a dryer (none of these albergues want to invest in a dryer). Which means, you have to just hang them out out to dry outside, like most other albergues. This would work in the summertime, but not the fall when it’s this cold. Nothing can dry outside with this weather. At the end of the day, we got crafty, as usual and used random parts of our room to hang everything. 

We ate paella (big surprise) at a local restaurant (€10), and I’m sad to say that I’d be happy to never see paella again. I’ve OD’d on it, and I know the Spanish tortilla will soon also suffer the same fate for my taste buds. It is unfortunate that I’m limited in being gf, as is the Span cuisine. This evening, I’m feeling behind in both my postcards and blog posts. But I have to remember, I’m not here for any of that, I am here for my Camino. We have to go to bed early, as it’s 17 miles tomorrow, the first 10 miles being barren land.