Day 20: Rest day in Leon aka And I'm (un)Happy when it Rains

Woke up at 7 AM this morning, and had an amazing breakfast. Amazing because the staff (who are all awesome) had gluten-free bread waiting for me. While feastin’, this group of cute hip rockers walked in for some Johnny Walker and cerveza. They clearly hadn’t slept yet. Soon after they went outside with their booze and instruments and played some great jams. Although I was watching from afar, and a few of them had waived hello to me, I was much too shy to take a video of them playing their own awesome rendition of ‘Like a Rolling Stone.’ After their short impromptu concert, I was happy to catch up on blogging and even finished filling out all 35 postcards.

It was again cold, wet and rainy, but we proceeded to walk around town. Throughout the day, we stopped by a few different bars. One where we got wine, another where we got coffee, and another hot chocolate. I feel like this is what people do in Spain. They just bar hop and snack all day. Perhaps this is why they are all lean? We decided to take the cheesy mobile train tour for four euros each... it was okay, and something to pass the time, without being attacked by the rain. Afterwards, we headed into the famous Gothic cathedral of Leon (€5 each) that felt like a freezer inside, but was worth it. The glass stained windows and male choir playing in the background were both beautiful. I’m sure this city is much cooler when it’s not raining.

In town we saw a lot of pilgrims, but the only one we recognized was Tongdo, who swore he didn’t take the bus to Leon (uh huh). We found one pharmacy miraculously open, where I was able to buy some insoles (€14) for tomorrow’s walk, just in case there are rocks. By 7 PM, we were both so tired and cold that neither of us had an appetite. All I could ask for was a warm, clean bed, which I’m currently in. I should mention that today was an actual rest day, as we only walked a total of only three miles. Tomorrow it’s 33 KM.. All but one blister have been healed. Two days in Leon truly proved to be worthwhile. 

Spanish fashion vs Pilgrim attire—- I’m obsessed with the fashion here, especially in the larger cities. It seems as though everyone is always dressed to the nines. I’ve again been too shy to take pictures of some of the amazing outfits I have seen. I will say however, there is nothing that will make you feel sexier than walking into a big city, in one of your two (more than likely tattered) pilgrim outfits.

P.S. I told my friend Emma yesterday that I was feeling a bit homesick. She then said, “Soon enough you’ll be back and then you’ll be spain-sick!” This served as a reminder that as difficult as this walkabout has been for me (physically and mentally), that I will one day experience a longing for it, a positive nostalgia, if you will. #ForEmma

P.P.S. I want to thank everyone for following this blog, cheering me on, and giving me a sense of optimism, even when I don’t think there is any left. I must enjoy the journey as much as I will its destination. This two-day break in Leon has also helped. Love and miss you all :)