Day 33: Ribadiso to O Pedrouzo aka Sick and Tired

My cold is pretty bad, and I’m sad to say I was ‘that’ person in the alrbergue last night who could not stop coughing. No sleep, resulting in being up earlier than usual. Luckily, Europe’s Daylight Saving’s time occurred today, giving us ‘sunshine’ aka gloomy light an hour earlier than usual. Other than what seemed like endless walking, and forcing myself to eat tasteless calories, I can’t remember much from today. And as you can see, didn't take very many photos. 

What I can remember is that I tried to stop by the pharmacy to get a hold on some antibiotics, since I’m traveling for another week.  Unfortunately, the pharmacist said that I needed a prescription. Two years ago the government here made it a law to require a prescription for antibiotics .. But not for Benzos and Opiates. Ironic, I know. Fluids, cough suppressants and more sleep it is. For that reason, we got a private room with a shared bathroom at PR Una Estrella Dorada in O Pedrouzo for €30. We ate yet another mediocre meal for €10 for dinner.

*I swear I’m a lot more excited than this entry might convey, just sick – I’ll be in Santiago aka at the finish line tomorrow !