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Gluten-Free Vegan Crunchy Rice Cake Snack Recipe (Corn, Soy, and Nut-Free)

I finally got to write down my recipe for corn/nut-free vegan and gluten-free buttery popcorn for 

Whether or not you have food intolerances, this is delicious and very easy to make. 

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10 Best Gluten-Free / POTS Friendly Travel Snacks

Seldom do I leave the house without having at least a few snacks with me. Celiac Disease, on top of POTS (aka I need a lot of salt to maintain healthy blood pressure), requires salty, nutritious snacks, and quite a bit of fluid to maintain a healthy blood volume. When traveling, a decent portion of space is dedicated to both my carry-on and regular suitcase just for snacks. The carry-on snacks keep me moving, in case there is no food to meet my dietary restrictions in the airport, and/or on the plane. The snacks in my suitcase are useful, especially if I don’t know what the food will be like where I am going. These also serve as a great backup option in case I need to get my calories in or simply have a craving for one of these delicious snacks:

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Gluten-Free Travel Checklist

I came up with a gluten-free traveling checklist for NuGo Nutrition (creators of some of my favorite bars)... 

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