One Day (and Gluten Free!) in Las Vegas, NV

I attended the Women’s Rally at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas this past January, and although this isn’t my favorite city in the world, or in the USA for that matter, it is surrounded by some amazing natural beauty and delicious allergen friendly eats (perhaps even worth revisiting). If you find yourself in, or passing through Las Vegas, do check out this must-visit-and-eatlist for your enhanced enjoyment on, and off the Las Vegas Strip.



Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Hotel & Casino

This is our go-to breakfast spot when on the Strip. They have a gluten-free section on their menu, and they can accommodate most diets. I’m a big fan of their eggs benedict with regular benedict sauce, not the green sauce that comes standard on the gluten free version. But their GF waffles are also to die for. I personally love sitting in their Green Room, in the back, with a view of the Bellagio water show. If you find yourself wanting to return for more, then definitely sign up for their points program, where you can get credit to use towards future meals.

P.S. They have other locations around the USA! Ouiii.



Brioche by Guy Savoy at Caesar’s Palace

This little/underrated spot has some of the best espresso, caffeinated or decaf, and offers almond milk. Brioche is our go-to spot for coffee. The pastries look delish, but you know the drill… Like a married woman at Thunder Down Under, I can only look, but not touch the gluten.



The Juice Standard at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Not everything should stay in Vegas, for instance The Juice Standard…  Can you please make your way to San Diego? They have some amazing juices, blends, wellness shots and a gluten-free muffin that they heat up, which will melt in your mouth. I feel like I have to be in constant detox mode when in sin city, and this balances things out.

P.S. They technically have a few other locations in Nevada.



House of Manchester Caribbean Grill- Organic Gluten-Free Fusion in North Las Vegas

Did we take advantage of renting a car by visiting this place THREE different times? Yep. Should you? Double yes! This is located in the industrial district of North Las Vegas, and is literally a hole-in-the-wall spot. You would never know it is a restaurant from the outside, or that it would satiate your deepest desires from the inside.

The owner/chef was brought up in Manchester, Jamaica where he learned how to work with Cassava flour to make just about anything GF. Everything in house is organic and gluten-free. There are also plenty of vegan options. The owner explained how he makes the cassava flour from scratch, and in small batches. We are hoping this spot doesn’t just stay in Vegas either, because we pretty much need it everywhere. Oh, and what was my favorite item? The fried chicken (yassssss #friedf’nchicken) and rum cake. Who’s ready for a road trip to return back ASAP?

P.S. It’s also open for dinner.

P.P.S. Sometimes I don't have enough patience to take a picture before I eat. Sorry... Not sorry. 


Grand Lux Café at Venetian Resort & Casino

This is an easy spot to eat at, if you’re staying on the Strip. There is rarely a line, it’s open 24/7 and has a quite a few GF options to choose from, including massive salads and pastas. I recommend sharing.



SUSHISAMBA at The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino

This place nearly had my stomach dancing the samba by the end of our meal. The waiter recommend that we choose an amount to pay, and that the rest would be the chef’s decision on what they brought out. IN ADDITION, everything was made gluten/dairy free upon our request. They only brought out sauces I could eat, and I was just impressed by the knowledge and taste. This may be high-end, but it’s completely worth it. If Michael Outlaw, the pasty chef, still works there, ask him for something special GF. Trust me. He knows what’s up.


MOzen Bistro at Mandarin Oriental

Located inside the only hotel in the strip without gambling — it’s truly Zen. In addition to being quiet and calm, they have an extensive gluten-free and vegan menu (INCLUDING RAVIOLI) for breakfast and dinner. The waiter was knowledgeable and kind, and I look forward to returning back for breakfast, because they have GF pancakes, so yeah, that’s happening.



Gluten Zero Bakery

Although I was happily full from all of the deserts from the restaurants we visited, I heard some great things about this gluten-free bakery from others.


Things to Do

AKHOB By James Turrell at Louis Vuitton Las Vegas City Center

I found out about this exhibit via Atlas Obscura, and I am so glad I did. However, when I heard you had to call two months in advance, I panicked. I called anyway, and requested to be placed on the waiting list. We found out the next day that there was a last-minute cancellation. Thank you, Universe! It is quite strange that this is located in a Louis Vuitton store, but art is art. They have a special elevator to get you to the secret third floor for the exhibit, which begins in an ominous-looking reception room where you fill out a waiver form and are asked not to take photographs. After signing, you are led into another room where you remove belongings, and put on shoe covers. Then. You walk into the art space, which I can’t exactly describe, and soak in the magic of color. My visual snow went nuts for this, and I felt a little disoriented afterwards, but it’s so worth it. As noted on Atlas Obscura, this is completely free and open to the public. To make a reservation, call (702) 730-3150.

P.S. I will not confirm or deny whether or not I took these photos in this exhibit. 


The Neon Museum

A peaceful boneyard tour of the Strip’s historic neon signs, located in downtown Las Vegas (which is not the Strip, btw). If you ever visited Vegas in or before the 90’s, you will get to walk across some of the neon signs that have since been retired and exchanged for more modern fare. We learned a lot of fun facts, and it was great to see the Old Pirate Skulls that used to hang in front of Treasure’s Island (couldn’t withstand the desert’s heat). RIP child-friendly Las Vegas! If you go on this tour at night, you will get to see all of the neon signs lit up. Get lit!


Valley of Fire State Park in Moapa Valley, NV

Less than an hour away from the Strip! Yes, it is that close and easy to escape the artificial landscape and enter one that looks like it was taken over by earth’s fire and fury. It’s so vibrant and red. We were able to stop by the ranger station within the park, where they had convenient and thorough hand-outs of what to see and do in whatever time you had available. It is 46,000 acres after all. We got to see the most notable areas, however we would love to hike more of it next time. Get off the Strip and check this out if you have time! P.S. Leave VERY early if you are heading there during late spring through early fall #2hot.

Seven Magic Mountains

The most instagram-able art installation, located right outside of Las Vegas, off the 15 N. “The contrary air between the desert and the city lights,” is how Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone describes it. Just ensure it’s still on view when you visit, as it is temporary.

“Comprised of seven towers of colorful, stacked boulders standing more than thirty feet high, Seven Magic Mountains is situated within the Ivanpah Valley adjacent to Sheep Mountain and the McCullough, Bird Spring, and Goodsprings ranges of mountains. A creative expression of human presence in the desert, Seven Magic Mountains punctuates the Mojave with a poetic burst of form and color.”

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As always,

Buen Camino!


P.S. Women's Rally REALNESS. Be the change YOU want to see in this world! 

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