One Day (and Gluten and Dairy Free) in Seattle and Snoqualmie, Washington + A DIY Twin Peaks Tour!

The state of Washington is just beautiful. You can have the best of both worlds; the awesome city of Seattle, and the surrounding natural countryside, including majestic waterfalls, mountains and forests. Sitting just 30-45 minutes east of Seattle, the city of Snoqualmie is a stunner and is also known as the fictional town of Twin Peaks. So, rent a car and follow these steps to make the most out of the city and country in one day:

Breakfast in Seattle

Odd Fellows Café & Bar  

This adorable restaurant sits in a great neighborhood, and is surrounded by some killer shopping. We were impressed by the amount of delicious gluten free and vegan options available here, including Golden Milk lattes. 



Coffee in Seattle

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

If you don’t know about SCR, then you now know… Quality coffee to get you going for your mini road trip, and perhaps enough to leave you sleepless in Seattle ;>

Lunch in Seattle

Capitol Cider

Located in the hip Capitol Hill neighborhood, just a mile from Pike's Place, exists a wondrous 100% Gluten Free restaurant. House baguettes, fried cheese curds, fish and chips, fried chicken? Yep, they've got you covered, and they list ALL potential allergens throughout their menu. 

Snoqualmie, Seattle aka Twin Peaks!

Drive 30-45 minutes west to Snoqualmie for a real treat... 

Salish Lodge and Spa aka The Great Northern

We started here, and I’m glad we did. This is where we picked up our gratuitous map to begin visiting all of the filming locations. The hotel also sits at the top of Snoqualmie Falls, which will serve as the backdrop to your Instagram pictures for the next few weeks. It is also a great place to dine. Hoping to actually stay here one day…

Snoqualmie Falls

I can still feel the mist from the water on my face. Pictures do not do these 268-foot waterfalls justice, and can easily see why it’s known to be one of Washington’s favorite tourist attractions.

Sheriff's Station

This is now a rally school. However, there is a Twin Peaks Sheriff's jeep you can take a photo with!

Ronettes Bridge

This bridge is now a pedestrian pathway, which is part of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

Giant Log

It’s still here. And it’s still giant.

“Welcome to Twin Peaks Sign”

We looked AND we looked, however this sign was nowhere to be found. We decided to call Twin Peaks Tour (the experts), and to our dismay were told that someone stole it long ago. SOOOO, this tour company went ahead and recreated the exact sign and for tours will post it up for their participants to be able to take the quintessential “I visited Twin Peaks” photo. Since we missed that days tour, we also missed out on our photo, as the tour guides are Seattle-based. However, the owner was almost willing to have himself or the co-owner come out just to meet us with the sign. He also gave us other tips (all mentioned here) of where to go, and what to see. Based on this interaction alone, I might recommend going out with them for a guided tour. I recently found out the sign may have been restored?!

Double R Diner aka Twedes Café

Adorable café to grab a drink, or sip on some damn good coffee. Unfortunately, not so allergen friendly, but the pie did look delish. The owner was super kind, and sold us some awesome Twin Peaks souvenirs. A definite must stop on the tour.


Dinner in Seattle


A sister restaurant to Odd Fellows, and highly recommended. Fantastic allergen friendly and vegan options.


Frankie and Jo’s

Oh my taste buds, this place is aaaammmaazzzinng! Gluten and dairy free EVERYTHANG. Even the waffle cone! I especially loved the charcoal flavor. Oh, and they deliver. Though, not to San Diego...yet...


Things to do/Shopping in Seattle:

Filson Flagship Store

I love the quality of this brand, and how beautiful both their men’s and women’s clothing is. Known for their flannel, and high-end waxed canvas and leather bags, Filson is a legacy of US manufacturing in the PNW.


This is a super funky store that’s set up so that it is simply fun to walk around in. High fashion and high price tags.

Pike Place Market

Maybe a touristy cliché, but I love walking around Pike. Two of my newest favs:

Rachel’s Ginger Beer- Uh, drinkable deliciousness. Tell me what’s ya flava’ (mine is mango mate)

City Fish Co.- Fresh oysters and fish, plz and thx.

Space Needle

If you haven’t been to the Space Needle, you haven’t lived. Such a spectacular 360 degree view on a good day.

Gum Wall

Apparently you can't leave without seeing, and (maybe?) adding to Seattle's famous downtown Gum Wall. Super romantic. 


Like I said, you can get the best of what Seattle has to offer (and then some) in just one day.


As always,

Buen Camino!

P.S. Don't leave the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport without visiting the Sub Pop Records Store (Gate C) first! 






P.S. Don't leave the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport without visiting the  SUBPOP store (Gate C)! 

P.S. Don't leave the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport without visiting the SUBPOP store (Gate C)!